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Family Events
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Dad Rosenstock's surprise 60th birthday, Ocean City, Maryland - March, 2003
Pictures to be posted...

Dad Cohen's 60th birthday party, North Conway, NH - August 2003.

Deb & James scorpion bowl.JPG (24782 bytes) More pictures to be posted...   

Deb and James got married on August 12, 2003 at Pleasant Point Inn, on Kezar Lake.  

Deb and James under arch.JPG (32219 bytes) Exchanging vows.JPG (50093 bytes) Copy of RosnstRdgb37.JPG (28235 bytes)
  More pictures to be posted...   

Thanksgiving 2003
Our guests were Mom & Dad Cohen, Mom & Dad Rosenstock, Matt's brother Louis, our friends Penny & Michael, and Allyson & Jason with their little boy Jacob!

Walk in the park.JPG (66441 bytes) Turkey - Step1.JPG (57600 bytes) Still cooking.JPG (52529 bytes)
Matt & Louis cooking.JPG (54087 bytes) Michael.JPG (63971 bytes) Relaxing before dinner.JPG (53548 bytes)
Marsha and Matt.JPG (32043 bytes) The table.JPG (47481 bytes) Jason, Allyson, Jacob.JPG (52190 bytes)
Dad carving turkey.JPG (37383 bytes) Mom R and Jacob.JPG (59122 bytes)  

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