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San Francisco - October 2003

Matt in Alcatraz cell block - Small.JPG (30047 bytes)
Matt checking out an Alcatraz cell
Alcatraz Island - Small.JPG (32929 bytes)
Alcatraz Island
Steep street down to Fisherman's Wharf - Small.JPG (24435 bytes)
View from one of  the many steep streets
Conservatory at Golden Gate Park - Small.JPG (39572 bytes)
Conservatory at Golden Gate Park
Dahlia Garden - Golden Gate Park - Small.JPG (36052 bytes)
Dahlia Garden, Golden Gate Park
Sea Lions at Fisherman's Wharf - Small.JPG (58574 bytes)
The famous sea lions at Fisherman's Wharf!
Cable Car - Small.JPG (33614 bytes)
We never rode one, but they were fun to see!
Jim Morrison Mural on Haight- Small.JPG (44853 bytes)
Positively Haight store front - Small.JPG (45927 bytes)
Lori's Diner - Small.JPG (36787 bytes)
Lori's Diner (Great for breakfast!)
The Painted Ladies - Small.JPG (30406 bytes)
The "Painted Ladies"
Lombard Street1 - Small.JPG (34800 bytes)
Lombard Street (The "Crookedest street")
Big Sur and Bixby Bridge - Small.JPG (16780 bytes)
Coastline between Monterey and Big Sur
Lori and Matt in Big Sur - Small.JPG (27400 bytes)
Stopping along to enjoy the amazing view...
Matt at Big Sur - Small.JPG (29082 bytes)
Lori at Big Sur - Small.JPG (42684 bytes)
It was so windy at this lookout point - but worth it!
Lone Cypress, Monterey Peninsula - Small.JPG (17883 bytes)
The famous "Lone Cypress" on Monterey Peninsula
Seaside Pumpkin Farm - Small.JPG (40377 bytes)
"Seaside Pumpkin Farm" outside of Monterey
Carmel Beach 2 - Small.JPG (35406 bytes)
The beautiful beach in Carmel
Lori & Matt at Carmel Beach - Small.JPG (32184 bytes)
Getting a few minutes of beach time!

Chagall Midsummer Nights Dream.jpg (18270 bytes)
The Marc Chagall Exhibit at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art 
was one of the highlights of our trip!

Maine - August 2003

Lori and Matt-small.JPG (32511 bytes) DSCF0087.JPG (15946 bytes) Contemplating sunset.JPG (22691 bytes)
Camp Rosenstock Sign.JPG (36280 bytes) Lori at Grafton Notch.JPG (55658 bytes) Deb and James' wedding at the lake


See for photos
from Lori's 2003 trips to Ireland, Puerto Rico & Amsterdam..



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